1992: MBAs pitch selfie baseball cards and score jobs

Above: Callaway Ludington Zuccarello, MBA ’93, on the Phil Donahue Show, and her résumé “baseball card.”

In 1992, the job market was tight and first-year MBAs were scrambling to line up summer internships. Rising to meet the challenge, Olin’s Marketing Club held a brainstorming session. The result: they created a deck of cards, modeled after baseball cards, with a photo (headshot) on one side and their ‘stats’ on the other. They packaged the cards with a piece of bubble gum and mailed (snail mail) the cards to potential employers.

The clever marketing strategy worked! Students not only got job offers, they also attracted media attention from the likes of Fortune and the popular Phil Donahue television talk show. Syl Stevenson, general manager of health foods at Pet at the time, who hired one of the Olin students after receiving the cards, said of the scheme: “If I’d gotten a stack of 33 résumés, I would have just scanned them. I read each of the trading cards.”

Callaway Ludington Zuccarello, MBA ’93, remembers that almost all of the 33 students in the Marketing Club received job offers as a result of the baseball card attention-grabbers. She and a classmate landed summer internships at Sara Lee in Chicago. You can see clips of Callaway on “Donahue” and sharing her fond memories of business school, below:

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