Equity, Diversity & Inclusion at Olin

Equity, diversity and inclusion form the foundation for our thriving and inclusive learning community.

At WashU Olin, we believe that the success and strength of the community and business model are founded on diversity. We’re committed to ensuring that individuals from different racial, ethnic, socioeconomic, gender and professional backgrounds are represented and welcomed in our community.

This means creating an inclusive climate that embraces belonging, encourages full participation and offers respect, in words and actions, to all.

Building equity, diversity and inclusion requires our methodical identification of disparities in opportunities, outcomes, representation and advancement in our business community among underserved and underrepresented populations.

Four Strategic EDI Objectives

At Olin, we focus our efforts on:

  1. Confronting Bias
    Bias Response Support is part of our commitment to address bias incidents in our community.
  2. Charting Progress
    Understanding the data and makeup of our community today helps us work toward a more inclusive campus.
  3. Planning an Inclusive Future
    We establish best practices, create foundational policies and invest expert thought in improving inclusion.
  4. Creating an Accessible Campus for All
    From physical resources to support services, we welcome everyone to the WashU community.

Putting EDI Efforts into Action

Olin is at the forefront of promoting equity, diversity and inclusion in our academic and professional endeavors. We recognize the importance of fostering an inclusive environment, so we’ve implemented initiatives to create a diverse community and provide equal opportunities for all.
  • Diverse Student Body and Faculty

    Recruiting a diverse student body and faculty, prioritizing representation from different backgrounds and perspectives.

  • EDI Curriculum

    Incorporating diversity and inclusion topics into the curriculum and classroom discussions, emphasizing their significance in the business world.

  • Workshops and Discussion

    Organizing workshops, listening sessions and events that promote dialogue and understanding around equity-related issues.

  • Inclusive Events

    Creating an inclusive environment in which all students and faculty and staff feel valued, respected and supported.

  • Collaboration

    Collaborating with external organizations and communities to further enhance diversity and inclusion efforts.

  • Policies and Practices

    Implementing policies and practices that ensure fair and equal opportunities for all individuals within the Olin community.

  • Regular Assessment

    Regularly assessing and reviewing the effectiveness of equity, diversity and inclusion initiatives, making adjustments and improvements as necessary.

  • Research Projects

    Encouraging and supporting research and projects that explore and address equity and diversity challenges in the business field.

  • Institutional Input

    Actively engaging in ongoing conversations and initiatives at a broader institutional level to promote equity, diversity and inclusion across the university.

By the Numbers


80% of staff

participate in diversity training


EDI staff

serving the community


10 professional

memberships and affiliations


$500 emergency

financial assistance to students in need

Memberships and Affiliations

Our growing alliances and extended network in EDI help us champion equity, diversity and inclusion in global business education, leadership and professional development.
  • Memberships

    • The Consortium (Founding Member)
    • Forté
    • National Black MBA Association
    • Prospanica
    • Reaching Out
    • The PhD Project

  • Affiliations

    • Business School Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Collaborative (BUSDEIC)
    • National Association of Diversity Officers in Higher Education (NADOHE)
    • Student Affairs Professionals in Higher Education (NASPA)
    • The Higher Education Resource Consortium (HERC)

We have to know each other and communicate with each other. We have to have that trust and then build from there.

Dr. Saint Rice
Assistant Dean and Director, Faculty, Staff and Community Engagement
Office for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Olin Events

We’re proud to host speakers at the intersection of business and equity, diversity and inclusion.

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