Obtain Your PhD or DBA from an R1 Institution

A PhD in Business or DBA from Washington University provides a strong background in basic disciplines, giving you the tools you need to pursue engaging research and a successful career in academics or industry.

WashU Olin is one of the nation’s leading R1 research institutions—and we’re ready to help you advance your knowledge with a PhD in business or a Doctor of Business Administration. Our faculty’s research productivity consistently ranks among the highest in the business school community, and they are recognized the world over for their important contributions to the creation of new knowledge. We also take great pride in our commitment to excellence in teaching and award more than 20 doctoral degrees each year.

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The WashU Olin PhD

A PhD in business from Washington University provides a strong background in basic disciplines, giving you the tools you need to pursue engaging research and a successful academic career.

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Pre-Doctoral Research Fellows Program

The WashU Olin Pre-Doctoral Research Fellows program prepares you to apply to PhD programs in business.

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Doctor of Business Administration

Our DBA program is a STEM-designated, full- or part-time doctoral degree designed for those with a serious interest in finance, marketing research or supply chain and operations.

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Doctoral Student Directory

Meet our doctoral students who come from all over the world and have widely different backgrounds and interests.

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Check out placement for our PhD and DBA students at top universities and organizations around the world.

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Doctoral Program Admissions

We offer a pre-PhD program, a PhD in Business with seven areas, and a Doctor of Business Administration. Find out how to apply for these programs.

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PhD in Business

Whatever your personal objective in pursuing a PhD, you gain invaluable tools to move yourself and your career forward at WashU Olin. You develop unique business research and teaching skills while working daily alongside our highly respected and renowned faculty.

We offer programs in Accounting, Business Economics, Finance, Marketing, Organizational Behavior, Strategy & Entrepreneurship, as well as Supply Chain, Operations and Technology.

Research is at the foundation of academic knowledge. Our faculty members nurture and inspire an exceptional group of PhD students to become research-savvy and skilled contributors. You’ll find opportunities for joint research early in the program, with students and faculty often cowriting published papers in respected journals.

Our PhD in Business program provides:

  • Challenging core curriculum and a strong background in basic disciplines
  • Personalized advising for successful completion of PhD program requirements and a customized course of study that fits your particular area of interest
  • Collegial network built on mutual respect and a shared school of thought
  • A competitive edge in the business education market

Pre-Doctoral Research Fellows Program

The WashU Olin Pre-Doctoral Research Fellows program is a nondegree program intended to prepare domestic students to apply to PhD programs in business.

Opportunities for Pre-Doctoral Research Fellows

  • Take doctoral-level courses in business, economics, statistics, math or related fields
  • Work closely with faculty on mentored research experiences
  • Attend research seminars

The program seeks to promote a diverse, scholarly environment and is designed for individuals wanting to gain necessary training and experience toward a career in academic research before applying to a PhD program in business and related fields. Fellows receive exposure to the various fields of study at WashU Olin, including Accounting; Business Economics; Finance; Marketing; Supply Chain, Operations and Technology; Organizational Behavior; and Strategy and Entrepreneurship. US citizens or permanent residents are eligible to apply.


The WashU Olin Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) program offers you a collaborative atmosphere centered on industry-relevant applied research in Finance, Marketing, or Supply Chain, Operations and Technology. This advanced graduate degree differs from a traditional PhD, including the scope of study, the approach to research and essentially the definitive outcome.

The DBA is designed to meet the needs of the researching professional, rather than the professional researcher.

If you wish to advance your career in corporations, consulting firms or government agencies that can benefit from advanced research skills in analyzing business problems, the DBA program helps you achieve your goals. This program is designed for industry professional who want to continue to work during the program.



80 PhD students

in 7 areas of study


100% employment

for PhD students


3 DBA tracks

finance, marketing, supply chain and operations


13% admit rate

to the PhD program


2 years

length of pre-doctoral fellows program



living stipend